Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Compost Quick

My compost "barrel" next to last years buried compost pit.
Many years ago I made a simple compost "barrel" out of chicken wire. I use it to store plant-based kitchen scraps and garden clippings from late spring through early fall. My garden is small, so it's large enough to hold what I need and turn my scraps into compost quick.

It's located up on the cliff next to my hillside potato patch. It's not the most convenient place to take my compost since it involves climbing three flights of stairs, but when the compost is done, it's in the perfect spot to dig into my growing triangle of soil.

In fall after my potatoes are harvested, I dig a big hole in the middle of the patch (click here to read more). Fresh clippings go in the bottom and the partially rotted mix from the barrel goes on top. I water thoroughly then put soil from the hole on top. I cover the pit with garbage bags held down by boards. Using compost accelerator such as Rot-It makes the pile decompose quickly.

Home grown Yukon Gold seed potatoes.
This week I uncovered my pit and found wonderful new soil. Wayne and I worked it up and prepared rows to plant my saved Yukon Gold seed potatoes.

They've lasted all winter for eating and the remainder are nicely sprouted for planting.

The potatoes will love the rich new soil and the loose texture to allow them to develop nice big spuds.

Seed potatoes ready to be buried and watered by spring rains.

Do you make your own compost? What are some of your techniques? -- Margy


  1. Here's something i relate to. Melody WILL have an ABC version after this one ends, FYI

    1. Good to hear ABC Wednesday will be continuing. - Margy

  2. I make my own compost. I have three bins at the allotment for allotment waste and then I have a hot compost bin on deck which is for the contents of the compost loo, kitchen scraps and paper etc. But I don't have to climb to use it! Xxx

    1. Do you take the compost from the barge to the allotment to use there? Do you have to compost the contents from the loo longer than the rest before using it in the garden? So far we've only used ours on ornamental and natural plants. - Margy


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