Friday, June 05, 2015

Cruise to Heriot Bay, BC

The 2452 on the Strait of Georgia on a calm day.
This weekend was our first cruise in the Bayliner. She spent the winter in the Powell River Airport hangar and was glad to return to her moorage in the Westview Marina. While she was in storage, we got lots of winter maintenance completed. A fresh coat of bottom paint to keep those sea critters at bay, a cleaned and repainted leg on her engine, new zincs to forestall metal corrosion, and a good cleaning to remove some unexpected rust stains from a steel roof beam in the hangar.

Heriot Bay Inn and Marina
We like going to Heriot Bay as a shakedown destination. For that matter, we love going there several times during the cruising season.

We stopped at the Heriot Bay Inn for an early dinner on the outside deck.  Because it's the shoulder season, we got there too late for fuel. No worries, the anchorage at Rebecca Spit Marine Park in Drew Harbour is right next door.

Blue skies and warm weather in Drew Harbour

On the last weekend of May, we only had to share the anchorage with four other boats. In summer, this popular spot can draw twenty, thirty, or more cruisers.

Moonrise over the anchorage

It may still be spring, but the weather felt like summer. All we did was relax, read, and watch the ducks and gulls swim by.

Sunset at 9:00 pm

I didn't want to leave, but rain is on the way. We'll head home for the cabin where we can listen to the drops on the metal roof and build a fire one more time after our long warm spell. -- Margy


  1. Lovely cruise with gorgeous scenery.

  2. I just love Quadra Island. Rebecca Spit is one of my favorite places - great place to cruise!

    1. Drew Harbour in behind Rebecca Spit is usually pretty calm. We saw lots of kayakers and paddle boarders out when we were there. - Margy

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thanks all for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It's a lovely spot to drop anchor and just be lazy. - Margy


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