Sunday, January 05, 2014

Back Where You Belong

At the cabin, we monitor the weather,.  We keep a log so we can compare month to month and year to year. This December we had about 10 centemetres (4 inches) of rain.  That's about half of what we got last year.  For this time of year, the lake level is way down!

When we got home, we discovered the large floating log that forms the boundary of our "swimming pool" between the cabin and the granite cliff had gone aground. Wayne got busy with a crowbar to nudge it back in place.

It helps keep floating wood and leaves out of the "pool." Plus, if it got any more stranded on shore, it would have to stay in place until enough rain came to float it on its own. But now it is where it belongs, floating in the water and on the job. -- Margy


  1. It has been so dry this winter, they are talking about spring water rationing here - hopefully we get some rain to get things sorted out.

  2. Mount Washington has had very little snow, hopefully we get more rain as much as I dislike the rain but we need it to have ample water in the summer.

  3. I'm surprised that you don't get snow instead of rain and more moisture in total! I hope your floating log gets enough moisture, either way, to keep up with it's job responsibilities!

    Happy New Year:)

  4. I wonder how January will stack up for rainfall? We had a tree fall down while we were away, fortunately not where it could do damage to man made structures. Thank you for your comments on my new blog. Your support means a lot.

  5. I've been using the blog to record things like snow and rainfall. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


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