Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bundled Bro

It may be fall, but winter weather has arrived, especially in the high country. Down at the cabin it's wind and rain, but snow is starting to accumulate in the mountains.

Our good friend John and his Black Lab named Bro don't let a little cold stuff slow down their back country exploring.

They just bundle up and head out to enjoy the smoother trails and quiet forests.  Hopefully I get out there on my next trip home. -- Margy


  1. Great shot of the pup! The views toward Courtenay and the mountains, on our few sunny breaks, is improving too, with lots of fresh snow.

  2. That's priceless! I hope he had a chance to get out and romp through the snow for a little while! :D

  3. Made me chuckle out loud. Absolutely adorable!

  4. I'd just love a ride in the snowmobile. (Is that what you call it?)

  5. that's what I call real love.. <3


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