Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Again Jiggity Jig

YEA! Today I get to go home. Homecoming is always sweet, no matter how long the absence. Don't you feel that way? Wayne and I discovered our float cabin by chance in 2001 and haven't wanted to be anywhere else ever since.

Since we've been retired, we've been there almost year-round. Well, that is until this year for me. Mom's back surgery and recovery have kept me away from home for over four months. She is doing much better, so this homecoming will be especially sweet!

Wayne is going to drive me to the South Terminal at Vancouver Airport to catch the Pacific Coastal flight to Powell River. From there it's only a 25 minute flight up the Sunshine Coast, a fifteen minute drive to the Shinglemill Marina, and a 25 minute boat ride up Powell Lake to my cabin in Hole in the Wall.

What will I find? I know my floating vegetable garden needs some attention. I never got it put to bed for the winter like last year, so I will need to pull all of my old root crops and chop everything up for the compost pile. I hope my strawberries have survived the cold without being mulched. Maybe I'll use some of my carrot top clippings to cover the roots for the rest of the cold season. Will our resident squirrel still be hanging around looking for peanuts? Will any of the birds returned yet? What will I find?

Actually, it doesn’t matter. I'll find the best place in the whole world. Our cabin on Powell Lake inspired my husband Wayne to write the Coastal BC Stories series. You too can head Up the Lake and Farther Up the Lake through his books.

Do you have a place that inspires you? Maybe it is where you live, or a vacation home or destination. Maybe it is that special place to sneak away to when you want to be alone. Let us know about it and why you like it so much. -- Margy


  1. I think I would love to have a float cabin! ♥ Gerry

  2. Somehow your comments box has linked to the wrong posting...anyway, just wanted to say 'welcome home'...there's no place like home is there. I'm sure you'll be eating plenty of soup from the dug up root veg, and I think your strawberries will be fine..mine have survived minus 8C without any covering this winter..I don't usually cover them anyway as they're hardy. I look forward to seeing the progress of your floating veg garden, it's of special interest as its virtually the same as mine...only mine's on a roof, not a lake!

  3. So happy you made it home! Sounds like you will be busy at your cabin. See you soon.


  4. Well, as you can see from my next few posts, I got a lot done in three days up the lake and in Powell River. I can't wait until my next trip, probably near the end of February if all goes well back home. - Margy

  5. I read a little further to see that you have lived mostly year round there at your wonderful cabin! I would love it too...


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