Sunday, March 15, 2009

AirX Wind Generator

Our float cabin in Hole in the Wall is off the grid. We use solar, but from October through March the amount of sunlight available for power generation is limited because our cabin is in a water filled valley. On the shortest day, "sunrise" over Goat Island is at 10:00 and "sunset" behind the trees on the other side of Hole is at 1:00. So, as you can see, even on a sunny day we can't store up much electricity in our batteries.

One day while walking through Canadian Tire we spotted an AirX wind generator. We thought it was worth a try. The AirX is a 400 watt wind generator manufactured by Southwest Windpower. The blades start turning at 8 mph, but power generation doesn't start until about 10 mph. To reach the 400 watt capacity, there needs to be a steady breeze of 28 mph. Two special features include a charge controller that stops power generation when the batteries reach full charge, and overspeed protection to prevent damage during high wind conditions.

We only get winds in the Hole during storms, but now that we use the wind for power generation you won't hear us complain too much. Now you'll hear us chant, "We're making power, we're making power!" We'll, at least until something is swept off the deck. Here's our AirX in action during a recent storm.

Do you generate your own power? I would be interested to hear about your experiences. - Margy


  1. That's great and something to consider. It might work great for us because I think we get more wind. Right now Art uses a generator to charge our batteries, I hate it, just too noisy.


  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    We've looked at these and wondered if they were worth the effort. Nice to hear they help out.

  3. We have wondered about the possibility of somthing like this. We have lots of wind here! How much noise does it make?

  4. Did we ever get back on the noise level?

  5. Hi Bob - I sent a personal e-mail to 2 Tramps, but don't know how to reach you, so I'll answer here. The Air-X is mounted on the corner of the float so it ends up near the window of our upstairs loft bedroom. Of course, when the wind is blowing there is quite a bit of noise from that, but the AirX does add what I would call a whooshing noise. Depending on the speed of the wind it is a bit louder or quieter. If you run the video you can hear it. I was standing about 15 feet away when I took the footage. I consider the sound music to my ears because I know I am generating needed power. If you need any additional information don't hesitate to ask. - Margy

  6. Thank you so much for your reply Margie. I will stay tuned.


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