Monday, January 19, 2009

Leaving California

If you've been following my posts, you know that we are driving a U-haul truck north from Pomona, California to Bellingham, Washington. The next leg and stage in my life is leaving California.

I was something of a rarity in Los Angeles, a second generation resident. While my grandparents and were immigrants from England and Ireland (via Canada) and Norway, both of my parents were born and raised in Southern California. But now it's time for me to leave it all behind.

Wayne and I have fallen in love with Powell River, BC. Home for us now is our floating cabin on Powell Lake. But meanwhile, we need to get all (at least most) of the stuff we've accumulated up north. The first day of travel was completely within California. It's 770 miles (1,239 km) long with 690 road miles (1110 km) from Pomona to the northern border. But our little truck had lots of fun running with the big guys.

Our first night brought us to Redding. The next day we finally crossed the California border and then on up to Portland, Oregon. From Redding to Medford, I-5 passes through some beautiful territory. Most impressive is Mt. Shasta and the Castle Crags. After the flat farmland of California's central valley, it's an awesome sight.

Today we made it to Seattle for a USC vs. Husky basketball game. You may be able take California out of the girl, but not USC out of the man. Tomorrow our trip is done. We'll keep our things in Bellingham for now. That'll make it quicker to get back to our cabin and the life we love. -- Margy


  1. Glad to see you made it safely. BUT you actually went through Portland and didn't stop at POWELL's Books? no not Powell Lake Books. Aww Come on. . . you have to visit Powell's Books. Come back down I-5, I'll show you the place.

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I adore the picture of the socks. :)

  3. Ditto on the socks.
    Funny how USC sticks with guys...I went there for my BS and I enjoyed the football & basketball then.
    Sounds like you made great time...almost home.

  4. Hi Galloping Gobets - I know about Powell's Books. Wayne and I went there on our last trip to Portland, the one we took WITHOUT the big truck. I'm sure we will go back the next we go through town in a more conventional vehicle. I also got to enjoy the Beerfest on year. Now that was an experience.

    Tash and Steph - the socks were a fun touch on a long drive. And the basketball game was great, even though the Huskies won. - Margy

  5. leaving California
    The hardest thing i ever did is leaving California. in early 06 me and my wife moved to Kansas city.Man how i miss the beach the mountains,and of cores Disneyland.I don't know what i was thinking it was nothing like the place i grow this is just the begging i have so super good pix and some super tip and hint coming soon in the mean time check out the links.thank Aaron


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