Monday, November 10, 2008

Tiny Tomato Treats

In October, I shared how I picked my green Early Girl tomatoes and brought them into the house to ripen (see Saving Green Tomatoes). They were a big success. When it came time to pull out my cherry tomato plants, I tried the same thing. I removed and kept all of the undamaged green cherry tomatoes. What remained was chopped up for the compost pile. Nothing goes to waste.

I placed all of the little tomatoes on cookie sheets and placed them on a cool dark shelf in the downstairs guest room. They have been there for about a month now and are ripening nicely. When the larger tomatoes ripened, I didn't lose any. With these smaller one,s I have to throw away a few that rot or wither every few days.

When the tiny tomatoes start to turn pink I move them to the kitchen window sill to redden. Here they have a great view and a bit of warmth much like they had on the vine. They end up juicy and tasty in salads that bring back memories of long gone summer days. -- Margy


  1. I wasn't quite as good as you this year. When I pulled my plants...they and their fruit went into compost. I had a hard freeze and the green ones, didn't seem quite right. I sure wish this was a tasty internet...LOL I grow all heirlooms except for a couple. I'm a freak over tomatos. Head on over to to see some more freaks like me. I usually grow them on my dock at the cabin in the summer time.

  2. Hi Denise - good to see you again so soon. Thanks for the tomato top. I'll head on over there today to check it out. -- Margy


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