Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bro the Labrador Retriever

Brody, Bro for short, is our good friend John's Labrador Retriever. He's a black Lab with lots of character. If you've read any of my husband's Coastal BC Stories books, you know who Bro is. He's a central character in many of the stories. That's because John is the other central character, and everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) John goes, Bro goes.

Wayne and I call Bro our rent-a-dog. It's hard to have a pet of our own, but when John comes to visit, we get to enjoy Bro. The first thing he does is his "crazy man dance." His whole body wiggles and he rubs his head against your leg until he gets all the scritches he wants. Then he calms down, but never strays far from the action.

Bro is getting older and his joints aren't what they used to be, but he still loves a good ride on the back of John's quad through the Powell River back country. He still gets off to hike some of the more difficult trails, but it takes him a little longer. When we meet people on the trail they often say, "Is that Bro? If so, you must be John." You can see who the real star is.

Bro was born on Vancouver Island and somehow ended up at the SPCA. John doesn't go to the island very often, but they had a black Lab and Powell River didn't. Labrador Retrievers are loving, affectionate and patient dogs. They are intelligent, loyal, and playful. Labs love to play in water, and Bro is no exception. If he is near a lake, river or puddle, you will find him splashing around and looking for critters like snakes, fish and frogs. He is tireless in his quest for critters. Bro is a gentle giant with a huge heart. He is dearly loved by John, his parents and of course Wayne and me. If you have a home that can accommodate the needs of a big dog, consider a Labrador Retriever. -- Margy


  1. What a wonderful post! The story and the photos are so warm and caring. I'm glad you decided on Labrador for your L post.

  2. What a wonderful life you lead! Did you 'escape' from the Rat Race? We, too, have a Sunshine Coast, in Queensland.

  3. Margy..thank you for visiting my loafing mallards...If I had a dog it would be a lab...they are great dogs..

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I love the middle pic of Bro, well I love all of them, but that one makes me want to give him a big hug. It looks like he is looking right at me.

  5. OH he is a beautiful dog....did you get him at the SPCA in Comox? That is where we got our Bert....we love Bert as I can see you do Bro....dogs are wonderful companions...and so good for the soul....Bro has a beautiful coat of hair....very handsome dog!

  6. Thank you to everyone for visiting my ABC Wednesday post. To answer smalltown rn's question, I'm not sure where our friend John went to find his black Lab. Comox is a good guess because it would be the closest one on the Island. I'll have to ask him to find out. Yes, Bro has a good coat, but he is a little rotund. He eats good meals, but there all of those mid-meal snacks such as pieces of sandwiches, cookies and beef jerky when John is having his snacks. -- Margy

  7. We enjoyed our friends' dog so much that we now have 2 of our own!

    So nice he shares Bro with you.


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