Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beauty in the Bush

I live in a float cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal BC. We have lots of beautiful scenery and amazing places to explore.

Along the shore you can find beautiful rocks, driftwood and pieces of history. Each, in its own way, is beautiful.

Tucked in the bush and along the shore you can find old logging camps. Many of the "shows" abandoned equipment in place. Steam donkeys, winches and other heavy equipment have rusted over the years to develop a beautiful patina.

Vegetation takes over. First the undergrowth and mosses, then trees. This adds to the beauty and interest of these hidden pieces of history.

For my frequent readers, I'm heading back up the lake for a few days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. -- Margy


  1. A float cabin? That sounds like an amazing place to live!

    It seems we share an appreciation for natural textures and "ruins." Your photos are beautifully evocative.

    Enjoy your time at the lake!

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Love your stump it should be polished and put on display.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Those are all beautiful things out in nature. Had to Google steam donkey to learn what it is. Nice name.

  4. I love the first photograph.

  5. The old steam donkey must be too far from a road otherwise it would have been taken away years ago, but now it makes a great photo op.

  6. Thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on my PhotoHunt contribution. And a special thank you to Betty, my most faithful reader. -- Margy

  7. Hey Margy,
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I did find the PhotoHunt from your website, which gave me the idea to do it! Thanks so much for your ideas and sharing your awesome pictures! I need to come to Canada soon to see it for myself!
    ~ Lauren


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