Saturday, June 02, 2007

Driving with My Cat

You read about Stick Tail's Alaska Airlines flight from Pomona to Bellingham in "Flying with My Cat." Since then, Mom has been spoiling him rotten. Today, Stick Tail took another big trip. Mom is visiting with us in Powell River, so he needed to come along for the ride. Stick hardly ever goes in the car, except to the vet. I'm sure he associates car rides with painful experiences. Fortunately, he's not a dog. He has had to learn quite a few new tricks in his old age.

Stick started out in his carrier. We didn't want him leaping on the customs official at the border. We were well prepared with his rabies vaccination certificate (within the last 12 months) and his health clearance, but neither was checked. Maybe the officer took pity on us with all the wailing coming from the bag.

After crossing, we pulled over to let Stick out of the bag. After only a few more cries, he settled down in Mom's lap for the drive to Horseshoe Bay and his first BC Ferries ride. At Sechelt, he cried to get in the back seat and there he slept for the remainder of the trip.

Have you ever traveled with your cat? Do you have any stories -- good, bad or funny? Let us hear from you. -- Margy and world traveling Stick Tail

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