Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gas Generators for Alternative Power

There are times when we just can’t make enough electricity with either solar or wind power. We really try to rely on renewable power sources, but on occasion we need to use a generator to give our batteries a good charge. If they drop too low, especially in the winter, it is very difficult to get them recharged high enough to begin using our electrical system again.

We purchased a small portable Coleman generator. There are two AC plugs and DC cables to connect to the storage batteries. It will run for about 7 hours on a tank of gas and allows us to recharge our computers at the same time our storage batteries get a needed boost. It's an inverter generator which is better to use with electronics.

The generator also comes in handy for power tools. When the Gemini sprung a leak last summer, John had to cut a hatch in the deck to reach the hole. Without our Coleman, we wouldn’t have been able to do the job.

Today, there are quieter and more fuel-efficient models. We have been looking at the Honda EU2000i. But for now, our Coleman does the trick. Besides, we only need it in the winter when we are the only inhabitants in Hole in the Wall.

Does a generator make noise when no one is around to hear it? -- Margy

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