Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Beginning for a Floating Garden

You've heard me mention my floating garden. On shore we have cliffs and forest. In addition, little critters love to devour tender shoots. I've always liked to grow vegetables, so I had to think of a new way for my float cabin.

At first I had a "garden log." I added herbs and lettuce in the log's notches. The sprouts were doing fine, but one day when we returned from town everything was gone. The culprits were Canada Geese. I guess they loved fresh vegetables too.

The next year our good friend John built a special float for me. It holds four raised beds with a handy walkway in the middle. Netting and Mr. Owl protect the developing plants from birds.

When I'm not gardening, the float is pulled out to our front log boom where it is protected from nibbling critters. To make watering easy, I have a solar powered bilge pump and hose. The perfect solution. John usually comes up with them.

Due to lots of rain, the nutrients in the soil are leached out. Each spring I augment it with peat and mushroom manure. Several times throughout the growing season I add plant food. I get pests, but I don't use insecticide.

I have a few flower bulbs planted for spring color. The daffodils are my favorite. Strawberries border two of the beds. They've made it through several winters. Two beds are bordered by herbs. I have them in buried pots to minimize spreading. The mint, thyme, parsley, sage, rosemary and basil all survive through winter.

My annual crops include onions from sets, green bunching onions, carrots, spinach and a variety of lettuce. These have always been good producers.

You can read more about my gardening exploits and other aspects of float cabin living in Wayne's book Up the Lake available in print and Kindle formats from Amazon, and many other online booksellers.

Do you have any stories about gardening? Do you have any hints for gardening with unique situations? Let us hear from you. -- Margy

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