Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wind Damage in Hole in the Wall

This week the fifteenth major storm of the season passed through Powell River and Coastal British Columbia. The best part, however, was the noticeable lack of wind. This season has been plagued by unprecedented severe winds that have caused extensive damage and residents have been without power and communication.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the results of a late December storm in the Hole in the Wall. When the area was logged about 10 years ago, these trees were left as a buffer at the edge of the lake. There just weren’t enough of them left to withstand the onslaught.

During the same storm we lost our chimney and two cabin anchor cables, and we were the lucky ones (see “Weathering the Wind” from January 9). Every year there are major storms, but everyone says the frequency and intensity this year is unprecedented.

Here’s hoping calm days aren’t far away. Want to read another Powell River extreme weather story? “Little Big Storm” can be found in Up the Winter Trail available through Amazon, major online booksellers, and -- Margy

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