Thursday, October 05, 2006

Discovering Powell River by Air

It's great to be heading north and back to Powell River again. Unfortunately, our trusty Piper Arrow is staying behind for some unscheduled maintenance, so Alaska Airlines will have to do. The trip will be a lot quicker, but not as much fun.

Powell River, BC
Flying in 997 (her number is also her name) normally takes us up Victor 27, the coast route, from Los Angeles to Astoria, Oregon. A short jaunt up the Columbia River and Puget Sound brings us to the Canadian border. The view from 7000 feet includes the deep blue Pacific Ocean to the west and the green Coastal range to the east. In the north, the snowy caps of the Cascades rise above puffy white clouds.

In the past, we've only flown this route in summer months. Now that we've retired, we're able to travel in 997 whenever we can get at least 24 hours of good weather (and no maintenance issues).

We discovered Powell River in 2000 while camping by airplane. Wayne and I have flown to many beautiful locations and camped on small airports from Mexico to Alaska, but none of those places can compare to the people, scenery and lifestyle in Powell River.

Our early years in Powell River became the basis for the first book in the Coastal BC Stories series entitled Up The Lake. It's available in print and e-book formats from online vendors.
FREE introductory offer for the Kindle version of Up the Lake. Get it now and discover Coastal BC at its best. -- Margy

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