Monday, June 16, 2008

Barn Swallows Come to Roost

We were pleased to see a pair of Barn Swallows return this year to build a nest under the peak of our roof. Last year's attempt had a disastrous end. After a week of building, the nest fell and the pair disappeared for the remainder of the season. I don't know if it is the same pair, but somehow I hope so.

I know Barn Swallows build mud nests in some locations, but here it is a mixture of mud and grasses. They pick the most precarious spots to build their nests. The one under our roof has no support other than a 1/2 inch ledge of wood near the eves. Somehow they are able to concoct a substance sticky enough to hold everything up straw by straw.

The female bird is now sitting on her nest. Hopefully there will be young chicks soon that we can watch grow and someday take to the skies like their acrobatic parents. -- Margy


  1. Margy, what an incredible piece of Sunshine Coast Sky!

    I still wanna be at that boathouse so darn bad!!

    I have a girlfriend, an author, I'd love her to see this place, and we're hoping to do a trip together this summer if possible.

    I stayed on a houseboat for a week in New Mexico one year, wow, I was lucky it wasn't too hot, as I like cooler weather. It was lovely, near Taos on Lake Conchas.

    I think I lost some of those photos in an iphoto crash, darn, I had a tour of the many boathouses, they all had a secret fishing door in the floor, so I had to ask, does yours?
    It was so cool, fishing inside out!!

    So you live up north from me most of the time?
    I'd like to know your route to the boathouse.

    Stay in touch, maybe I can talk 'ole stubborn' into considering it one day soon. lol

    btw, I am hoping Cafe' Monday will catch on, a post every Monday about Coffee, you could contribute cowboy coffee. Never done this before, but maybe It will catch on, who knows.

    Your blog is the most interesting blog in the world btw!

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    We have some too!! I just discovered them the other day. Ours are inside the barn -- I left the door open to harden off the plants we had in there. Now I don't want to shut the door. I don't want to shut the parents out!

    I still haven't seen the nest because I always have a passle of pets following me. I don't want them to be tempted by the tasty swallow morsels.

    I hope your pair has more success this year.


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