Friday, March 23, 2007

Overnight Trip to the Head of Powell Lake

Our ocean-going 24' Bayliner spends the winter in the fresh water of Powell Lake to keep it clear of marine growth. It's good for the boat and us. We get to use the Bayliner for mini lake cruises.

This week we found two good weather days in a row, so we loaded the Bayliner for an overnight trip to the head of Powell Lake. We went on a weekend so that we could tie up to the logging dock.

We were amazed at the number of waterfalls and the huge amount of water cascading down every cliff and mountain. Many of the falls had long drops down sheer rock faces. Powell River, entering at the head of the lake, was the largest water source. The swollen river crashed down its rock shute to the lake surface.

The weather was somewhat foggy, so the snags in the northernmost part of the lake looked like a ghost forest.

We were the only boat and relished the privacy. Wayne barbecued chicken and the night was calm and good for sleeping. To keep us warm, we used our new portable propane heater just before bed and when we got up in the morning. What a nice luxury!

Do you do winter cruising? What are some of your stories? -- Margy

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