Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Coastal BC Fungi: Mitrula elegans (Match-stick Fungus)

 Match-stick Fungus

I live in a float cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal BC. Each year, a tiny plant appears right at the waterline on one of our cabin's cedar float logs. This year there are better specimens on a boom log.

On the cabin, it grows in the shade. On the boom log, it is in full sunlight. It has a white stalk and is topped with a yellow-orange fruiting body. It's only about 6 mm (1/4 inch) tall. It appears in April and is gone when the weather gets warm.

After a bit of searching I found the UBC (University of British Columbia) Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research website. If you like plants in nature or the garden, this is the place for YOU! There's also a forum with a wealth of information.

I discovered my mystery plant is Mitrula elegans, match-stick fungus. Here is a link I found for a picture and detailed description. I just love learning new things about this wonderful place I live in. -- Margy


  1. Hi Margy, Interesting info. We had a little old professor here from the University of Montana who used to bring students to Haida Gwaii on a yearly basis to ident fungi(we apparently have the greatest number of different ones in the world right here on Haida Gwaii). He was an absolutely fastinating person to spend time with.
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  2. What an absolutely NEAT plant! "Fungus" doesn't sound too good but I like the "matchstick" designation. I will definitely check out the website.

  3. Diane - There are so many fungus types that are quite pretty. This one has always intrigued me. - Margy