Monday, August 13, 2012

Available Online" "Farther Up the Lake" by Wayne J. Lutz

This is a rare week for us up at the cabin. We're having company. Jeanne and John are good friends from our Los Angeles days. Jeanne now lives in Bellingham near Mom, but John drove all the way from LA to experience more of our up the lake lifestyle.

Are you interested in off the grid adventures? Farther Up the Lake is filled with stories about living in a remote water access floating cabin.

A Great Book
for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Farther Up the Lake
Coastal BC Stories

Want to know more about float cabin living? Following in the footsteps of the most successful book in the Coastal BC Stories series comes Farther Up the Lake. Head up Powell Lake to experience life in an off the grid float cabin, experience winter on the lake, spend the night up at the head, go beachcombing for logging history, and much more. Read Farther Up the Lake by Wayne Lutz and see how much fun it can be to go up the lake.
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  1. SOunds like a great book - especially when I can work it into my budget!

  2. Book looks good. I am going to have to get it.

    I have never kayaked but my fried and I have canoes several rivers and lakes down this way. My fried bought a small one man kayak but i haven't had the pleasure yet. I like the looks of the Big Yellow Banana. LOl MB

  3. Thanks all for the visits and comments. Hope you can visit some day and head up the lake if you can. - Margy

  4. Sounds like a very good read. I AM a reader but you should see the pile of unread books I have right now. :)