Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Wayne and Margy's 2021-22 Snowbird RV Adventure - Part 3 Begins

Lazydays RV storage.
Wayne and I've left our Powell Lake float cabin home to get some winter sun and warmth in Arizona and New Mexico.

Canada and the United States have fewer Covid restrictions. Even so, we are taking things carefully. RV travel can be a form social distancing. We shop for groceries once a week and don't interact with others in an unsafe manner. We are vaccinated and boosted, still wear masks in crowded spaces, and use sanitizer and wash our hands just like at home. For now, our Sunseeker RV is our home on wheels.

Wayne at the wheel.
Part 1 - We left Bellingham on November 14 and flew Allegiant Airlines to Mesa, Arizona. From there we used an Enterprise rental car to drive to the Tucson Lazydays KOA Resort to pick up our RV waiting in storage. We learned a hard lesson. Five months in dry storage depleted batteries. After a AAA visit we were ready for 36 days of exploration around southern Arizona. On December 19 we put the RV back in storage and flew to Bellingham for a Christmas break.

Tucson Lazydays KOA Resort

Part 2 - Because Canadian border restricitons made a trip home impossible, the second leg of our trip started early on January 2. Again flew south to pick up our RV at Lazydays then spent 46 days camping south of Tucson and in the foothills north and east of Phoenix. For the first time in three years we attended women's outdoor softball games at Arizona State and the University of Arizona. On February 23, the RV went back into storage (with batteries disconnected) and we flew to Bellingham for a second break.  

Part 3 - Success, with relaxed Canadian border crossing restrictions we were able to return to our float cabin home. We left Powell River on March 18 for Bellingham and a March 27 flight to Mesa, Arizona. This route has become routine including a rental car to make the two hour drive the Lazydays. Before Covid they flew direct to Tucson, but we don't mind the drive. This time the batteries were still charged. For 35 days we'll explore and camp our way from southern Arizona to New Mexico and back. New Mexico is new for us, so that'll be an adventure in itself. On May 1 we'll put the RV in our reserved storage spot one last time then fly to Bellingham and a summer at our float cabin home in the cooler north. Our Sunseeker will spend the long hot summer for the third time waiting for our return in November 2022.

We hope you will follow along as our adventure unfolds. You can read all about it over at my Margy Meanders blog. -- Wayne and Margy


  1. You two have got it all down to a system now! And I enjoy reading about the way you do RVing. Glad that the restrictions have eased a bit making it possible for your return to where you want to return to when its time. We loved New Mexico and hope you are loving it too.

    1. We learn new things as we continue to RV. After all of your trips and time on the road I bet you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Our New Mexico trip got cut short with wind and dust storms. Maybe another time I hope. - Margy


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