Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's in a Name? Aquabus

Another visit to Granville Island. This time to take a look at one of the many Aquabus water taxis that you see scurrying up and down False Creek. My room at the Granville Island Hotel overlooked the Aquabus dock. What a great place to stay and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Aquabuses serve docks up and down False Creek taking passengers and bicycles back and forth from eight different stations for a reasonable price.

Come ride the Aquabus, it's more than just transportation. -- Margy


  1. Oh, it's so cute. I must try to do that some day. There was no such thing when I worked in that part of town.

  2. I will have to look into the Granville Island Hotel some day. I have taken the other water taxi from the aquatic center to Granville Island. It is such an enjoyable ride across but far too quick a ride. Great shots!

  3. I like the video and the city scrape is awesome!


  4. I love riding on that little ferry. I don't get a chance very often.


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