Sunday, March 04, 2012

Go Cougs!

Well, I have to be honest. I was rooting for USC. Wayne and I went on a USC Women's Basketball tour this weekend. We started in Seattle for the USC vs. University of Washington game where the Women of Troy beat the Huskies 62-55. From there we flew on Alaska Airlines to Spokane so we could drive to Pullman for the USC vs. Washington State University game.

Both games were exciting. However, I enjoyed the WSU game more because of the fans. Of course, there weren't many from USC, only Wayne and me, plus the mothers of Christina Marinacci (00) and Cassie Harberts (11). The fans I'm talking about are the Cougar fans. They are enthusiastic, but good sports too. No bad mouthing the refs, no derogatory comments about the opponents. That is such a refreshing change from most college sports events.

And look at the intro the Cougs got from their school's drumline.

That's a lot more than many schools do to support women's sports. Go Cougs! You know how to do things right. -- Margy

p.s. USC played hard for their 65-54 win. Go USC!


  1. Believe it or not, Margy, I'm in Mt. Vernon, Washington visiting my sister and brother-in-law...all four of their children graduated from WSU! You probably won't find bigger Coug fans, anywhere. So, naturally, my radar went up when I saw your "Go Cougs" post title!

    Sounds like you and Wayne had a blast on your tour.

  2. Wonderful support those young women get from their university, Margy. I wish it were that way for all women's sports. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new wave of fan support and sportsmanship.
    Go Cougs, indeed.

  3. Football (or soccer as you call it) is the national sport in the Uk. The women's England team does exceptionally well, but you wouldn't know it from the little media coverage it gets. Good to see that women's teams are supported in Canada xxx

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    an enjoyable weekend from the sound of it!

  5. Wonderful support those young women get from their university,Thanks sharing...

  6. Nice shots. I love basketball.

  7. Not many go on a women's college ball tour. Very cool! I haven't watched b-ball in a long time, but I bet it's so much more fun in person than watching pros on TV.
    Liked the drum line. Thanks for sharing.


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