Friday, April 08, 2011

Gray Skies Over

White Rock, BC is best known as a sunny, summer seaside resort. But on my visit is was tucked under misty gray skies.

The gulls didn't seem to mind the cool weather.

They just kept on searching for leftovers and tasty seaside treats. -- Margy


  1. Gray or not, it is still a lovely ocean scene. Those gulls are always fun to watch. Mickie :)

  2. Nice shots. I used to live in the Pacific NW so I appreciate the beauty in the cool and cloudy skies.

  3. The skies may be gray but the clouds play a beautiful drama in the sky!

    It looks cold,I could wear a sweater!

  4. Too bad about the sun but you still got great photos of the gulls!

  5. I lived in Vancouver for about 35 years and not once have did I visit White Rock.... The closest I ever seem to get is the highway to the ferry terminal or to the US/Canada border. Pity because your photos are beautiful.

  6. We have friends in White Rock. Your post about the fish and chips there reminded me that we need to renew our passports. Luckily, our friends make it to the States way more than we make to Canada so we are able to meet up now and then.


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