Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy Weather

Lately we've had a crazy mix of weather. Last weekend the sun was shining, I was sunbathing on the cabin deck and working in my garden.

Wednesday night the wind was blowing at 22 knots (41 kph or 25 mph) even in our sheltered bay. When that happens we rock and roll quite a bit. Fortunately our tire shock absorbers dampen the movement and our chimney pipe windcap keeps wood smoke out of the cabin. But by morning we had clearing skies.

Today we were getting ready to head down the lake when the morning drizzle turned to big heavy wet snow flakes.

Then it cleared again, with the Bunster hills showing off their new mantle of white. What a wonderful place to live. -- Margy


  1. Even with crazy weather, you sure do have a wonderful place to live. Hurray for daffodils--we're a ways from those yet, but I do have snowdrops...

  2. Crazy Spring weather! It's much the same here in the Cariboo; I do not have any daffodils out yet, however. That'll be another couple of months.

    That's the hard part about living up here after living on the waits and waits for the Spring flowers, only to lose them to a heat wave, lol!

    It is so beautiful on your lake, Margy!

  3. Your weather gives meaning to "if you don't like the weather just wait 15 minutes!" but it makes beautiful photographs. Haida Gwaii has had some pretty hainus weather and winds also from the conversations I have had with friends "on island". We have some pretty heady winds(40kph) today coming off Lake Ontario.
    Smiles and take care

  4. It looks wonderful weather, sky is very clear.

    Skywatch Friday
    Sunhine Award

  5. Beautiful photos, Margy. I am appreciating them even more because we had a house guest from the interior of B.C. this past week down here in southern New Mexico. Thank you for sharing!

  6. It does keep us guessing doesn't it? Daffodils and snow in the same day! We even had a burst of snow last week-- I think it was Monday. It didn't stick though, thank goodness! Naturally, it was the day after we planted our vegetable garden because we decided it was safe!

  7. You live in a very beautiful place! These are really terrific skywatch photos!

    Pixellicious Photos | Join me on Twitter

  8. I'm beginning to see daffodils on other people's blogs! It's wonderful to see spring arriving!


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