Saturday, November 22, 2008


On a calm day, the water in front of my float cabin is like a mirror. Fall is a good time to capture the reflection of golden maple leaves on the glassy surface.

Head up north on the salt chuck (ocean) to nearby Desolation Sound and you will find lofty peaks and puffy clouds reflected on the calm waters on a sunny summer day.

Take a ride on BC Ferries to nearby Texada Island and you are sure to get a beautiful reflection of the sun on the water. They don't call us the Sunshine Coast for nothing.

When I reflect on it, I live in the "best place on earth."  Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime. -- Margy


  1. love really the first for the perfect symmetry! Lady nature is really beautiful!

  2. Stunning photos!! The second one is my favorite.


  3. I love reflections off of water.

  4. If we're voting, I'm going for #3.

  5. Really lovely reflections; you do live in a spectacular place! I just found out that the Olympic torch is going to come to my town in S. Ontario en route to B.C. I was living in Calgary in 1988 and it was a blast. You guys in B.C. are going to enjoy having the world come over for a visit, and I'm sure the world is going to love B.C.

  6. wow!
    that was awesome!!



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