Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lazy Days

The following pictures make you think these guys (and dog) are lazy. But it is far from the truth.

This picture was taken after a long quad ride into Theodosia Valley in Coastal BC. A few moments rest on a logging dock were well deserved.

This picture was taken after my husband Wayne (hands on head) and our good friend John (accompanied by his dog Bro) carried this couch across floating logs to the shore to be burned. A stop to recuperate their strength made for a lazy looking picture.

We have lots of time to be lazy (and busy) living in our float cabin on Powell Lake. Click here to learn more about float cabin living. -- Margy


  1. I love the second picture! It's such a strange sight.

  2. It's a wonderful life. Wayne and John look like they are enjoying the lazy days of summer.

  3. That is indeed a perfectly lazy day they are next to cats being lazy hahaha!


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