Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ogopogo in Powell Lake

You've probably heard of the Loch Ness Monster. Well, here in my neck of the woods we have Ogopogo. Powell Lake in British Columbia is a very deep (about 1200 feet) glacial cut lake. There's even 10,000 year-old trapped sea water at the bottom. No wonder a "monster" is reportedly living in its depths.

Ogopogo's most publicized sighting was in Okanagan Lake at Mission Beach in 1926. He is said to be 20 to 50 feet in length with a serpant shaped body and a horse-like head. Ogopogo has also been seen here in Powell Lake. It's was recorded in an article in the Powell River News as well as Carla Mobley's classic book, Mysterious Powell Lake.

I've had two close encounters with Ogopogo. I haven't actually seen him, but I've felt his presence. The first time was while swimming around our float cabin. I felt a tug on my toes. What else could it have been but Ogopogo "pulling my leg." The second encounter was captured on film. It was his shadow on Goat Island across from my cabin. With evidence like this, I know he must be real. -- Margy


  1. betty8:12 AM

    That shadow on the mountain is great. I really think Ogopogo is living in the deep part of the lake.

  2. That is funny! Indeed, that is Ogopogo!

  3. Absolutely his shadow is on the mointain! Call the press!

  4. Thanks to everyone for visiting my O if for Ogopogo post. It was lots of fun. It was one of those pictures that you just had to take. - Margy


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