Monday, February 11, 2008

Village of Horseshoe Bay

After a long visit to Bellingham we headed north today for Powell River. We took our regular route, but missed the ferry at Horseshoe Bay by about 10 minutes. With about two hours to kill, we decided to walk over to the Village of Horseshoe Bay for the first time. On a wet winter day, it was quiet and uncrowded. But you could see lots of building activity in anticipation of the coming tourist season.

We wanted breakfast even though it was pushing noon. We found a restaurant with a sign out front saying "Breakfast Served Until 2:00 p.m." That was the place for us. It's name is the Troller Pub and it is right across from the waterfront. It has an enclosed outdoor seating area, but we decided indoors was best for this cool rainy day. Wayne ordered a ham and cheese omelet with bacon, toast and hashbrowns while I had the bacon and eggs with the same sides. With two coffees, we had a bill less than twenty dollars. We thought that was quite amazing based on the size of the meals and the location. After all, most of their customers are a captive audience from the ferry lineup. So if you are hungry for an early or late breakfast, walk on over to the Troller Pub (not to be confused with Troll's Restaurant on the corner). They look like they have good lunches, dinners and brews as well.

The waterfront walk at the Village gives you excellent views of the ferries and marina. It is well worth a visit, especially if you have some time on your hands and a hungry tummy. -- Margy

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