Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rent a Pet

Wayne and I travel quite a bit between California, Washington and Powell River, BC. Having a pet is difficult with so many trips, but we do. Stick Tail has been our cat for over twelve years. To make his life easier, he now lives with my mom in Bellingham, but we still get "visitation right".

When Stick moved north to live with Mom, our friend and California housesitter David got a new cat of his own. Wayne and David went to the Pomona Humane Society. They say that Jet picked them rather than the other way around. He reached his tiny paw out of the cage and said, "Pick me. I'm the one for you." Just a few days after Jet came home, Wayne and I had to wing our way north.

We missed all of Jet's formative months, but David did a good job of pet parenting. Now Jet is five months old and is in his "terrible twos" if you know what I mean. But he is cute and loving. While David is at work, we get spoil Jet. It's almost like having a pet of our own.

When we're in Powell River, John's dog Bro gets to be our surrogate pet. Bro gets so excited when he comes to visit us at the float cabin his whole body wags, not just his tail. So ... whether we are north, south or in between, there's a "rent a pet" there for us to love. Who could ask for more. -- Margy

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