Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's in a Name? Sydney Ann

Wayne and I took our 2452 Bayliner from Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham to visit friends with a place in Anacortes, Washington.  The trip takes about the same amount of time by car or boat, but taking the boat is a whole lot more fun.

We met them at the Cap Sante Marina where Wayne and I have overnighted before. It's a fun place with a mix of pleasure and commercial boats.  Because it's the off season, we were given a prime spot in the commercial section.  Near us was the Sydney Ann, an impressive commercial fishing boat with her net boat stowed on the aft deck ready to go.

I looked her up on the U.S. Coast Guard vessel search website as well as the NOAA Fisheries Vessel Documentation website.  Both are great resources where you can search for boats by name.  The Sydney Ann is 44.2 feet in length and 14.9 feet wide. She was made by Alaska Marine Industries and has a fiberglass hull.

She has a coastwise unrestricted fishery registration and her hailing port is Anacortes, Washington. So, unlike us, she was snug in her own berth. -- Margy


  1. What fun - you really do have a unique lifestyle!

  2. Looks like fun indeed. :)

  3. I love cruising through the Marinas in anacortes---well anywhere. Of course I am in a car and on foot.

    BTW: I clicked on your sky watch thumbnail and got Anacortes--why?


  4. Looks like fun. Like the color of the boat.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

    MB - Actually walking the docks on foot is the best way to see the boats. Floating by in the marina you only get the "rear end" view.



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