Friday, February 01, 2013

Our Float Cabin at House of Fallen Timbers

I am honoured that David over at House of Fallen Timbers asked me to share our story about float cabin living on his blog.

I've been reading House of Fallen Timbers for several years now, following along as David built his log cabin from natural and reclaimed materials.  You can read all about it at his blog, or purchase it in a print book formatIt's available online through

Please follow this link to head on over to David's place and take a look. He will be having guest bloggers each month, and I get to kick it all off.  Thank you again for this honour.

p.s. If you arrived here from David's blog and have any questions, just leave a comment or send an e-mail through the link in my profile. -- Margy


Fallen Timbers said...

Thanks Margy!
Terrific article and photos.

Crafty Gardener said...

Interesting read, love following your life on Powell River.

Powell River Books said...

Thanks for the opportunity David. And Crafty, glad you enjoyed the guest post over at House of Fallen Timbers. - Margy