Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Margy Meanders: Kale Chips with Parmesan Cheese

Kale Chips with Parmesan Cheese

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  1. Wow, I must tell Dick. He isn't eating "unhealthy" things (unless he can't resist them) but this would be a perfect munchie while watching TV.
    We haven't bought any kale for quite a while, because the dog doesn't like it. (Sad, but true.) But this might make a believer even out of our fussy veggie dog.

  2. I'm trying them. We still have bunches out in the garden. I didn't like them too tough. Perfect for chips I bet. MB

  3. This sounds fantastic! I can't wait to try making them:)

  4. I see you have finally made some. I love them too!

  5. Kay, Lise and MB - I was surprised how crunchy the got and stayed. Not sure my thinner kale from the garden would work as well though.

    Stephanie - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be doing it again soon.



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