Thursday, August 02, 2012

What's in a Name? Laser Sailboats

Last week I wrote about Wayne's Laser sailboat. Then on Tuesday I was walking the docks at Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham and saw a whole rack full. Lasers are pretty small to have names of their own, but I bet Wayne dubs his "Mr. Sailboat" pretty soon.

These belong to the Bellingham Yacht Club. I wonder when they get to leave the rack and go for a sail? -- Margy


  1. Nice catch Margy - I like that shot!

    And the only sailboats I'v ever seen on the lake is when the Yacht Club is giving lessons - does seem strange.

  2. When Our cadets first started sailing theyvwerecallin little Optimists, now the cadets have grown and are now sailing lasers, therefore our club has quite a fleet of them xxx

  3. I love this shot, with its multitude of colors.

  4. My late uncle bought a laser, then his son bought a bigger sailboat, the uncle bought a bigger one, then they began sailing them in ocean waters and competing. We are the poor relations who bought their old, old sailboat!


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