Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's in a Name? Canadian Shore

When I saw her sitting at the end of the dock in Steveston, BC, in the rosy glow of sunset, I knew she was a special ship. CA fv (Canadian fishing vessel) Canadian Shore looked ready to set out to sea to bring home a big catch. I just love the classic lines of a working boat.

If you've a bit of change in your pocket, you can engage the Canadian Shore for the adventure or fishing trip of your dreams. Well, maybe a bit more than change. BC Adventure Tours offers custom overnight cruises starting at $3,000 plus the cost of crew, food and special requests.

The Canadian Shore is an 85-foot welded aluminum fishing vessel that's been converted into a luxury expedition and fishing boat. She can accommodate 8 to 10 adventurers and take you from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii, or anything in between. Take a look at her picture gallery. That sounds like something I would like. -- Margy


  1. Now that's a trip I would love to make, perhaps one day

  2. I'm with you, Margy, I love working vessels — tugs and fishing boats. I can almost smell the ocean right now.

  3. Yes, I'd love a trip out on her! There's a working boat in our South Harbour supposedly doing tours, the skipper keeps telling me he has bookings, but she hasn't moved out of her berth yet.

  4. Thanks for stopping by to comment. Maybe if we all pull out our change purses, dishes and piggy banks we can scratch up enough to share a cruise. Wouldn't that be nice. - Margy

  5. I look forward to hearing of your adventure on the boat. Not my cup of tea. I get slightly seasick if the boat gets caught up in those big huge waves during storms.


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