Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Classic Powell Lake Tug Marline W

I've mentioned before that Powell Lake is both a recreational and working lake, and boats are an important part of each function. From our front porch at the float cabin, we see work boats, tugs, barges and log booms traveling up and down the lake. One classic tug that plies our waters is the Marline W.

The Marline W is a wooden hull classic tug. It's moored in the Powell Lake (Shinglemill) Marina, but can be seen up and down the lake doing a variety of jobs.

Here she's towing a barge that brought building materials up to a float cabin that was being rebuilt. I know a wood hull is a challenge to maintain, but isn't she a beauty?

If you are interested in a classic boat, the Marline W is currently for sale. -- Margy


  1. I've seen her moored there often, but didn't realize she was a working boat. And I agree, these old wooden hulled boats are good looking.

  2. Marline looks lovely. Would look great in a painting.

  3. That boat is a wonderful photo...each boat has such character. cheers.

  4. Yes she is with all that nice wood.

  5. Paul - She doesn't go out as much as some of the other tugs, but you will see her working on the lake.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by and comment. Hope you are enjoying some of the great boats here in BC and the Pacific Northwest.


  6. I am very interested in contacting the fellow with the barge for sale , my name is Joe Hutton 250-204-5344


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