Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's in a Name? Reel Therapy

Boats are an integral part of Coastal British Columbia. Captain George Vancouver discovered and mapped much of Coastal BC in 1792 by sailing ship. A tradition to use the water for work and play has continued through the years.

Boats and ferries provide transportation up and down the coast. Tugs and barges move timber, products, and other resources to and from market. Commercial fishing boats ply our waters almost daily. Boats also provide residents and visitors with recreation and fishing possibilities.

Reel Therapy in Powell River's North Harbour is what I would call a skookum (strong) welded aluminum sport fishing boat. She's all decked out for prawns and fishing, of course. I think I could use some of that kind of therapy myself.

In Powell River, visit Jim at Marine Traders and Sam at Powell River Outdoors (PRO) for your outdoor and fishing needs. And while you are here, join in some of our exciting fishing contests.


  1. very nice idea,use good bye,have a nice travel,stay well.

  2. I've noted her in the South Harbour, and sort of like the name myself!

  3. Nice sounding name for a boat and I like the yellow and silver for its color scheme.


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