Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's in a Name? M.V. Meander

I just got back from Granville Island in Vancouver BC. It's only about an hour and a half drive north of Bellingham, perfect for a quick getaway. Granville Island started as a sand bar in the inlet called False Creek. In fact, Granville used to be the name used for Vancouver until it was changed in 1886. Granville was kept as the name for the street and bridge leading into town. Now tucked under the bridge, where once industries thrived, the redeveloped area now draws locals and tourists alike.

Granville Island (now actually a peninsula with a narrow link to shore) is surrounded by marinas. Boats large and small are moored here waiting their turn to head out into the Strait of Georgia for a cruise. One classic wooden yacht moored here is the M.V. Meander.

She's an ocean-going vessel originally built in 1934 for George Kidd Esq. who owned the Vancouver Power Company and was head of the Board of Trade. She served in WWII as a gunship, then a missionary vessel serving Vancouver Island, and a Greenpeace blockader.

The website says M.V. Meander is for sale for $597,000 CAD and has assumable m0orage at Fisherman's Wharf in False Creek. That's important with the shortage of slips in this very popular location. Click here for her specifications and here for more pictures. -- Margy


  1. She is a gorgeous boat. Granville Island, was one of my favorite haunts when I lived in Vancouver. Especially in the off season when there was not many tourists about.

  2. Wild Turkey--yes---smooth!! haha!

    Love your barns too. I think the ranches were there before the highway and that's what happened. MB

  3. Love to have it, but Boom & I don't think we can handle the mortage!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. The Meander looks delightful. I hope she ends up with a wonderful new owner.

  5. That's my sort of boat, the wood is beautiful. I also love the word 'meander' it sort of curls around your mouth as you say it xxx

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment.

    Fran - I expected you would really enjoy this one.


  7. I remember A guy Hedly Rendell of RP Electronics talking about the ship in the early seventies, was it his ship or a partner? This was back on 4th Ave. at the stores first location.


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