Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in a Name? Mr. Buttercup and Miss Daisy

Boat names that have caught my eye and shutter. Today you get a twofer.

You heard how Wayne likes to name things Mr. Our good friends Ken and Sam from Gibsons did something similar. In 2007 they had a new welded aluminum boat built to their specifications at EagleCraft in Campbell River. She's a skookum (strong) ship that they christened Mr. Buttercup to go with her bright yellow paint. Gracing the top of her cabin is Miss Daisy, their Walker Bay dinghy.

We have been on several short cruises with Ken and Sam, but they have taken the ultimate trip all the way to Alaska. That must have been the adventure of a lifetime. -- Margy


  1. Mr. Buttercup is gorgeous, Margy. I love a good skookum boat like that. I guess Miss Daisy would launch herself if a storm got bad enough? LOL

  2. Mr. Buttercup is a nice looking boat, the yellow would stand out in a storm or on a dull day.

  3. Kay and Stephanie - Yes, Mr. Buttercup is a good boat for stormy days. - Margy

  4. I loved reading about how mr buttercup got its name and how honored wayne was !

  5. What a great looking boat! I've got a matching yellow cat named Mr. Jonesy.

  6. Heather - It was fun to share a boat that has a name we know about. Many boat names will be more guess work.

    Eli - We'll have to keep our eyes open for Mr. Jonesy. Do you trailer or keep it in the marina?


  7. We saw Mr. Buttercup on a trip to Campbell River and I thought it was the most gorgeous boat ever!!! If we ever win the lottery I want to buy a outing on him. I mention this boat all the time when I remember Canada and it's always with a smittle :)


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