Friday, November 04, 2011

Winter Maintenance at Valley Marine

Winter is a good time for annual boat maintenance. The shops are less busy, and long months of inactivity are hard on boats. Having ours in top shape makes us confident it will be ready whenever the weather is good.

Our new (to us) Bayliner 3058 is too big for us to trailer, so we asked Jeff at Valley Marine to arrange for transportation from our moorage in the North Harbour to his shop in Paradise Valley. He got Can-Tow to come with their skookum trailer. But before that could happen, Wayne had to remove the canvas top and with John's help, lower the radar arch.

Powell River has lots of power lines crossing the roads, so we had to reduce our overall height in order to make it through and fit into Valley Marine's shop. Naturally, we picked a windy day for the move, but with John's help all went well. He's a great friend to be there when we need him.

Our boat will be back in the water soon, ready for new adventures Up the Strait and Farther Up the Strait (shameless plug).

Thanks Jeff and Valley Marine! If you are in need of excellent boat maintenance and repair services, give them a call:

Valley Marine
3407 Padgett Rd,
Powell River BC,
Phone: 604-485-9257

And say "Foghorn" sent you. -- Margy


  1. I just love your posts because it really shows what's happening with you and around your way. So interesting and fun to read.

  2. I brought in the hoses after draining them today!!!!

  3. Thanks Tash - And I love seeing glimpses of SoCal. Sometimes I see something that sparks a fond memory, and other times new things I should see when I get down south each fall.

    Jenn - We are lucky we don't have much of a freezing problem, but once in a while we get a cold snap. The only water we have at the cabin is coming up from the lake to the hand pump. Maybe the lake water tempers things, it's never frozen yet.



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