Saturday, June 25, 2011

Margy Meanders: Mommy's Bran Muffins


This popular recipe has been updated and moved to the Margy Meanders blog. Please click here. -- Margy


  1. They look good from here!!

  2. And that is where they are going - importing muffins for a Powell River visit. It's just easier to make them in Bellingham where we have all the ingredients and pans.

  3.'ve inspired me! It's a lovely thing to do on a stormy Saturday afternoon, methinks. xx

  4. We make bran muffins here, too. A huge recipe that keeps in the fridge for six weeks. Your recipe is different and we will be giving it a try. Thanks!

    Glad to see your Mom looking so well!

  5. Sounds like a plan Marion. We've had good weather here, but now that we plan to go home the rains are coming. Isn't that always the way?

    2 Tramps - Yes, Mom is doing well. We are taking her to Powell River this week for a month's vacation (and a chance for us to be at home for the longest time since the surgery in September). Mom is now standing with assistance for about one minute at a time. It is really hard for her, but she keeps trying. She is such a trooper.


  6. I'm thrilled to hear how well your mom is doing...and a month in Powell River is sure to do your mom good! Have a great time and lets hope for good weather.


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