Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Margy Meanders: Meatloaf Brasciole

Meatloaf Brasciole

This popular recipe has been updated and moved to the Margy Meanders blog. Please click here. -- Margy 


  1. This looks wonderful, Margy, just when I've finally convinced my husband to stop buying ground beef. He always thought (because he doesn't cook) it would be "easy to cook" somehow.
    I had to repeat "steak is easy, pork chops are easy, or an entire chicken is easier to cook than ground beef because even hamburger patties require more prep time"!
    However, this looks like it could be fun and fairly easy. My hands hurt, and my back hurts, and my feet hurt, so standing up to prepare things isn't always convenient by the end of a day of pain, but I think I could enjoy doing this sometime when we have guests.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Rachel Ray is my favourite foodie. I can't catch her often but when I have a home day I am glad to catch her show.

  3. Nice work. I missed that one. I usually tape her shows to try and find new ideas. Geting tired of her hamburgers with macaroni, though!

    Had a happy day in the garden today, after visiting a 96-yr. old client. Such good therapy.

  4. Kay - It isn't much harder than making meatloaf since you buy the prosciutto and cheese deli sliced. I am always amazed how quick it bakes. It looks like it should take a lot longer.

    Tracy and Jenn - I don't see Rachel Ray very often. I think this show was back in December, but you can find the recipe online.

    Jenn - Glad you had a good garden day. Wayne is going to check on my this weekend.


  5. What a great recipe - thanks! We are going to a BBQ competition in June and there will be a potluck type dinner one night - I think this will be perfect served on top of polenta squares, then sauced. We will be camping and can cook it on the BBQ with indirect heat - perfect!


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