Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Last week I was surprised by Lorac over at Ahhh...The Cottage Life. I was honoured that she gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.

Lorac is a fellow Canadian who hails from Georgetown, Ontario. I always enjoy her posts about nature and scenic countryside. Thanks Lorac. And now for the rules of the award"

“By accepting this award I’m to tell five of my favourite things and then pick five people to pass the award on to."
So here goes:
  1. Number one has to be our cabin up the lake. Of course, it is much more than just a structure. It is a way of life I've always dreamed about. Ever since my childhood my grandmother said I was born in the wrong generation. I love getting away from civilization, living off the grid and learning self sustaining skills that I never needed in my former city life.
  2. Gardening. I've always enjoyed growing things to eat. Even when we lived in city condos, I had a little patch out back. My floating garden has been lots of fun. It is four raised beds on a cedar log float. Plus I do lots of container gardening on the cabin deck.
  3. Watercraft. Until we got our cabin, I hardly ever went boating. Now we have lots of boats and I'm learning how to drive some. My favourite is our Campion bow rider lake boat which is easy for me to manage. Wayne drives most of our other boats including a Bayliner for ocean trips. We also have several kayaks and a new (to Wayne) Laser sailboat.
  4. Cooking. I enjoy cooking especially when we are at the cabin. I have a propane stove but have experimented with lots of recipes using our wood stove. In winter, it is going almost 24/7 and the heat is free. I've even used it as an oven to bake bread.
  5. Nature. Whether I am in the city or country, I love to look for the beauty in nature. I love bird watching and identification. Of course, that is easier up the lake, but there are always birds every where you go. Using our quads (ATVs) Wayne and I have seen some beautiful country that would be inaccessible otherwise.
Now I have to pick five blogs that I follow to pass the Stylish Blogger Award along to. Like Lorac said, that's hard to do, but here goes.
  1. Float Cabin Construction. This is a new blog, but the animated video of float cabin construction is well worth the visit. Jeddy lives in Powell River and is a good friend and great support of Powell River Books.
  2. KnowBC. This is a great site for past and current information about British Columbia. It's authors are BC author Dan Francis and Howard White of Harbour Publishing.
  3. Solar Burrito Blog. Solar Burrito writes about cabins and living off the grid. There's always something interesting to learn if you like the remote lifestyle.
  4. Thistle Garden. I've written about Margaret from Powell River before, but her blog is one of my absolute favourites. She writes frequently about gardening and is a role model for me.
  5. Bellingham Daily Photo. lizziviggi and ejvig team up to share the town of Bellingham through a photo a day. I've learned a lot about my second home through them.
I hope you will take some time to visit these well deserving blogs. And thank you again Lorac for including me in your blog recognition list. - Margy


  1. Way to go, Margy!
    I love your photos of your five things, especially the bread baking in the wood stove. Very interesting. My mother used to bake chocolate cake on top of her pot-bellied stove.
    And I'm fascinated by that boat. I don't think I've ever been in one quite like that, and I spent a lot of time with boats on the BC coast. I'm going to have to look it up.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I always thought of you as my role model. My life in Powell River really started with my first visit to your blog. Art and I purchased our float cabin because of you. I started my blog after reading one of your posts and you have inspired me to try new ideas, take simple pleasures from nature, and most of all, to think and live outside the box. Thanks Margy.

  3. Congrats on the blog award, are you as ready as I am to start the garden back?

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Thanks for the mentioning my SolarBurrito site! Keep it up, I found you two via your Up the Lake podcasts in 2006 or 2007! Longtime ago!

    Keep it up.

  5. Kay - The boat is a Campion made here in Canada, Kelona I believe.

    Thanks Margaret, I've enjoyed your friendship and it feels good that you have learned a bit from me - I also look up to you as a role model, especially in gardening.

    Pacy - I am in a quandary about my garden this year. Since I can't send much time at the cabin this year (I'm with Mom in Bellingham more) I think I will skip the pots on the deck and just put in some hardy plants that don't need lots of water or care. Maybe next year I'll be back to a full garden.

    solarburrito - I am always finding tips at your blog. Thanks for finding all the great information and passing it along.


  6. Very nice Margy!


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