Friday, February 25, 2011

Cloudy Bellingham Bay

Last week Wayne and I took another kayak ride before we returned it to its storage place in the hanger. This time it was an easy paddle around Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham.

The triple boat ramp was a luxury and it was fun to paddle around and look at all the boats.

We stuck our nose outside the breakwater and were treated to a beautiful view of clearing skies over Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island beyond. -- Margy


  1. Look at the difference in the water from inside the breakwater to outside - glad you just stuck your nose out. I love the idea of paddling around and looking at all the boats. Love your photos. I know those skies!
    Just about to send you an e-mail.
    -- K

  2. beautiful shots. I guess you were out on the water before the snowfall?

  3. It looks cold--but I bet it was a bracing day!


    The sky-seekers, some people say,
    Do not favor night over day;
    They always look up,
    The sky is their cup,
    And keeping it full’s their cachet!

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    Sky and Lupine

  4. Anonymous4:53 AM

    thank you for being a great booster of Powell River


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