Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV Ears Saved our Family Time

You see it on TV, hear it on the radio, see adds in newspapers and magazines. Claims are big, so you are skeptical, can it be true?

There's lots of hype for a product called TV Ears for people with hearing difficulties. One of Mom's hearing aids died and getting to the doctor for a new set was problematic. The result was VERY LOUD television volume. That made it tough on the rest of us in the room. So I decided to give TV Ears a try.

You can purchase them online for a lot less, but I got Mom's at our local Radio Shack. Easy is worth something I guess. It took a few days for her to get used to the knobs, but now Mom is proficient at adjusting the sound to match her hearing needs. An overnight charge lasts about 10 hours and the ear buds are comfortable, even over her remaining hearing aid.

The add says, "It saved our marriage." For us, they saved our family TV time sanity. We only wished we had purchased them years ago. But better late than never.

If you have someone in your life who needs help with hearing television, give TV Ears a try. We're glad we did. -- Margy


  1. Thanks for the post - my father-in-law has an earlier model of similar item. Maybe it is time to upgrade him to what you got for your dear Mom. Hope she is recovering well from surgery.

  2. Yay, Now I know what to give my Dad for Christmas.

  3. Hi Margy --
    Yes, an excellent idea.
    I bought Dick a headset that does the same thing, because he has an unremedied hearing problem, and I was getting headaches from having the TV so loud.
    Now the problem is, I forget he can't hear me, and if we're watching TV together I say "Wow, isn't that great?" or some such, and he yells "I can't HEAR you!" so it hasn't solved the whole problem.
    Good thing about his headset is he can walk out of the room and still hear the TV.
    An excellent Christmas gift for people with hearing problems.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. 2 Tramps and Pacy - Glad I was able to help with your shopping ideas. Mom is doing better each day. She can now wiggle her big toes a bit. With a spinal cord injury that is huge progress.

    Kay - Yes, talking during TV is a problem. We have a new hand signal system. I wave at Mom, make a motion for her to pull her TV ears away from her ears so we can communicate. She usually only watches the news, the Wheel and Jeopardy in the evening so the positives outweigh the negative for us.


  5. This a great idea, and I have never heard of them.
    Thanks for the info.

  6. good thing to know. Wondered if they worked. My grandmother could benefit from them for sure. ;)

  7. The ears look interesting although my hearing aids work fine.

    Your locale looks wonderful.

    I came here from Kay's place.

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