Sunday, September 26, 2010

Season's Last Fling

The other day I was out sightseeing. My destination for the day was Riverside Park in Everson, Washington. This time of year it is a quiet place along the northern shore of the Nooksack River. But come here on Memorial Day weekend and it will be a whole different story. This is the launch site of paddling segment of the Ski to Sea Race.

I came here to check it out for a future kayaking trip in our Big Yellow Banana. As race participants know, it is a great launch site. It is also a nice park on its own right. There are sports fields, a picnic area with BBQ grills and a riverside nature trail. It was an overcast fall day, but there were still a few signs from summer's warmer season.

Maybe we'll get a paddle in soon. - Margy


  1. Lovely, Margy. I must try to figure out how to do videos.
    Glad to see you're having an exploratorially fun fall season.
    -- K

  2. Neat clip, Margy! We also stopped by a river today...the Umpqua River. I have a new website for my blog's


  3. Diane - Do you know if the Umpqua is good for paddling? We are always looking for a new adventure. - Margy