Friday, May 14, 2010

Bombs Away

This week we've had some really nice spring weather. Even though it's been sunny and warm, moisture off the Pacific Ocean has generated thunderclouds over Vancouver Island and inland peaks.

Last Friday just around sunset the thunderstorms started blowing off their tops and dispersing. This one made it look like someone had dropped a bomb on Vancouver Island. When we fly 997, we avoid thunderstorms. Their strong updrafts and potential hail can be very dangerous.

But from the condo balcony they can make for a very beautiful end of the day. -- Margy


  1. That does look like a mushroom cloud in a sky that ended with a very pretty sunset. I love checking out Skywatch Fridays, although I haven’t submitted a photo yet. It’s such a great way to explore. I think personal blogs from around the globe give better insight into other lands and cultures. They are a treat from the predictable tourist information and feel more like a visit into someone’s home.

  2. It's always great to see photos from one of my favorite parts of the world; and I really like all of the photos you post on your blog, but the sunset photo in this post is stunning! I just had to comment, and say thank you!

    By the way, is that Harwood Island in the right foreground of the upper photo? I wonder if my recollection of the local views of the upper Strait of Georgia is as good as I think it is. Hmm...


  3. Beautiful sunsets! One of these days, gotta pay a visit to Powell River with my husband. I am a fan of Joanne Clark's paintings.

  4. And again you have some lovely photos, have a great time at your cabin.

  5. I loved the cloud over the Island! I've seen many just like that when I lived on the beach in Qualicum Beach, only they were reversed and looked as if they were over the mainland! Great photos, Margie!

  6. Very pretty sunset, coral and periwinkle-- you have a lovely view from your balcony! I wish I could snap sunset pictures from my house, but there are too many power lines in the way! Sometimes I'm lazy and I do it anyway.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by my Skywatch Friday post this week.

    I agree Penelope. I love reading other people's blogs. It really does let you know about different places and the way people live.

    Yes Wilson, that is Harwood Island. I see it and Texada from my condo window.

    Stephanie, I wasn't familiar with Joanne Clark's paintings. Thanks for the information.



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