Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow in the City

This week I've been in the city. No, not the City of Powell River. I mean the BIG city, Los Angeles. Twice each year I travel south to work for my former school district as a grant writer. It's good for them, I know the district and the grants well. And it's good for me. I get a bit of spending cash.

Wayne and I flew south on Alaska Airlines, hoping for some sun and warmth. But the Arctic front that was freezing BC and the Pacific Northwest followed us. We hate to deny Southern California much needed rain, and snow in the mountains, but why couldn't they schedule it for a different week? Even so, we had a good time including two USC basketball games, a night at the movies, and dinners with old friends like David, and Karl and Lori.

We got back to Bellingham just in time for the first snow storm of the season. We hurried out to the airport this morning to try to fly 997, but we were too late. Just as we pulled her out of the hanger flakes started to fall. It began to stick immediately so back into the hanger she went. This time of year you can't dawdle or you loose. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a short break so we can get up in the air for a short flight. We need it as much as 997. -- Margy


  1. Best of luck getting out! We've had 65 cm of snow...We are happy to take it easy!

  2. Good luck flying tomorrow.I think 997 might need a blanket. Stay warm.Tell your Mom Merry Christmas for me and Wayne too.

  3. I hope you will be able to fly today, Margie!

    Many years ago, our family went to LA for Christmas, visiting Disneyland. It was soooo cold...there was heavy frost everywhere!

    It's -35C here this morning, with about ten inches of snow. It's very beautiful, very Christmassy, but also rather dangerous!

  4. That darn ol' weather. Well we got snow yesterday and more overnight. Closed the school---I think more for the bus drivers so Kylee is out riding her horse today. Hope you made it home. MB

  5. Hope you'll be able to fly out soon!
    That is so interesting that you are a grant writer - is it one specific field that you write for or is it all types of grants?

  6. Well, Wayne made it out today for a short test flight and 997 performed wonderfully. I was getting last minute dentist and doctor appointment taken care of for Mom and me so missed the trip. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon for my turn.

    Thanks for the question Shelley. Right now I'm helping with Federal E-rate technology grant applications and Head Start and local preschool grants. I'll also be helping rewrite their Technology Plan document. I have a cap on earnings in California, so that's all I do there. I could work elsewhere, but haven't actively tried to get more work. Enjoying my life up the lake too much. - Margy

  7. I work near the Bellingham airport and walk past the hangars nearly every lunch. I'll have to keep an eye out for 997. Hope you get aloft soon.

  8. Hi ejvig - Unfortunately she is locked inside more than she is out. We only get to fly when we are in town. Wayne got out yesterday for a short flight. I'll get my turn when we return next month. Happy walking! - Margy