Monday, January 05, 2009

Frozen Plastic Shatters

It's a known fact that plastic in freezing conditions will easily crack or shatter. My head knows this, but obviously my feet don't. We needed a replacement broom, but the only one at Canadian Tire had a metal handle with a plastic tip. Because the dock to our the boat was covered with snow and ice, I used the broom like a walking stick. When we got to the cabin, I again used the broom for balance. But when I stepped out, I landed right on it. SNAP!

Brand new broom with a broken plastic tip. I don't give up easily, but what should I do? I decided to whittle a round dowel rod that would fit inside the threaded plastic tip and up into the metal handle. After quite a few knife strokes I got the dowel finished. I filled the plastic tip with glue and hammered the rod inside. A nice tight fit.

Then I hammered the rod up into the metal handle and sealed it with some Super Glue (careful not to get any on my fingers). After an overnight dry it was ready. It may not survive heavy outdoor snow work, but it might last indoors for some carpet sweeping. At least I gave it my best try. I'll keep you posted. -- Margy


  1. betty2:41 PM

    You are so creative. Stay warm

  2. I commend you on your handiness!!