Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seagull Settee

Earlier this week my Mom and I made the trek south from Powell River to Bellingham. At the Langdale Ferry Terminal, we had a short wait. Along the waterfront I found a pier that was acting as a seagull settee.

I tried to identify the gulls from the photograph. It was easier to decide which ones they weren't than which ones they were. Several factors make identification more difficult. Juvenile birds in their first two years of life can have a different colouration than adults. Outside of the mating season plumage can also change. Then there is the trend for several species to flock together, even to inter-breed.

In the Strait of Georgia, there's a large colony of Glaucus-winged Gulls on Mitlenatch Island. It's possible these are Glaucus-winged Gulls. They might also be Western Gull which are common along the coast.

Take a look at the birds on their settee and let me know what you think. -- Margy


  1. WOW Margy! What cool seagull pictures! Very cool!

  2. I love these photos of the seagulls! Looks like naptime after lunch, or perhaps they're just checking out their next meal.

    Enjoyed your Q post, too; that looks like a fun way to explore some rugged terrain.

    Oh, yes, and I freeze tomatoes, too! Far easier than canning. I also make juice and freeze it--just defrost a little and pop it into a pan of chili.

  3. Most of the gulls in the photograph are indeed Glaucous-winged Gulls. A few appear to be Glaucous-winged X Western Gull hybrids. This hybrid type is very common in SW BC.