Thursday, September 04, 2008

West Vancouver Ramblers

Tonight Wayne and I got to meet some great people from a hiking club called the West Vancouver Ramblers. They are a group of 32 hikers who came to Powell River to experience the natural beauty of our region on foot. The Ramblers are associated with the West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre. They have scheduled hikes in their local area every Monday. This four day trip lets them see new territory and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of good friends at the same time. They were a great audience and made us feel comfortable and welcome immediately. It's so much fun to share our books and experiences with like-minded people.

After the slide show, there were lots of questions about Powell River and our float cabin lifestyle. It was amazing. One of the women brought with her a copy of the Our Canada article from last month. We've received more attention from this article than anything else.

Thank you Ramblers for a great evening. We hope you enjoy Up the Winter Trail as our thank you. Come back soon to see more of our town and wonderful back country. -- Margy


  1. I have been meaning to drop you a line ever since I read the article about you and your hubby in the "O Canada" magazine. IT was my hubby who brought it to my attention...he said hey isn't that your blogging friend....well of course it was a great article....and now reading your latest glad I have met your through blogging....

  2. Hi Margy! Nice to see you again. What a great place to go for a hike, sounds like a great hiking group, where do I sign up? Opps! I'm in the wrong country!

  3. betty9:37 AM

    Up the Winter Trail is a great book I loved it. Is that Bro I see in the picture of Wayne.

  4. Hi All --

    You know, that article in "Our Canada" has really gotten lots of attention. I didn't realize how many people get the magazine. We have hear from all parts of the country on that one. Thanks SmalltownRN.

    Yes Betty, that's Bro. He always manages to stick his head (or tail) in the picture. He is such a "publicity hound."